6 Ways To Achieve Effective Teamwork

It can be tough trying to form an effective team that works well together with little to no friction. Many problems can arise whether it’s poor communication, no cohesiveness or even certain people in the team not getting along with each other. Most if not all of these problems can be solved with a bit of time, effort, and proper care. So let’s get to the 6 tips.

Give your team a chance to get to know each other  

A lot of the time people like to rush into work without taking time to get to know their co-workers/collaborators. Doing this can lead to problems that could’ve been avoided by doing something as simple as going out for a drink or doing a fun group activity like playing a game of Table Tennis, going bowling, etc. Doing things that are that simple can help your team build a bond. That bond will be very useful in the future when there might be a small conflict or a disagreement. It’s easier for colleagues to resolve a conflict when they have a friendly work relationship, without that kind of relationship there might be finger pointing instead of accountability and fast resolutions.

Have an anonymous voting system

If there is a big decision that needs to be made, anonymous voting can be a great way to get the final decision. Some of your team might be afraid of slight conflicts like disagreeing on an end result, anonymous voting is a fix to this problem. Have the team write their decision on a piece of paper each and the winning decision is what the group will go with. This will help you make decisions without anyone feeling left out.


Team delegation is very important. You need to recognize the strengths of everyone in the team and put their strengths to work. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the task they are being asked to do. Lack of confidence in a task can lead to over thinking, stress and possible mistakes. Delegation is an easy fix for this problem.

Set Clear Goals 

A team that has specific goals and completion deadlines for tasks will work together more effectively than a team without goals. A team that also has an agreed mission and purpose with clear expectations for how the team should work together to achieve the desired outcomes is important for effective teamwork.

Recognize People's Achievements 

This one seems a little obvious but it’s certainly worth the mention. Showing recognition for effective teamwork is only going to bring your group closer together. Even better, this recognition is going to further motivate them. The recognition doesn’t have to come from the leader to help motivate the team. Recognition from an equal colleague can also do wonders

Respectful Communication

The way a team communicates to each other is very important. Negative sarcasm, speaking with an attitude, bullying and sexism can lead to rifts and tension. Those forms of speech will be a waste of time that you will wish you had gotten back. Just treat everyone with respect and avoid any unnecessary issues.

Nick Jamison

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