The radical innovation accelerator is the culmination of a 10 year journey seeking to understand why innovation was so necessary to most organisations and yet so many found it so challenging that many shied away form it completely.


If you are reading this blog then the chances are that you’re finding it hard to find ways to keep yourself motivated and productive. Although the internet is filled with hundreds of different ways to increase your productivity, I am going to be highlighting the five most simple and effective hacks that anybody can easily fit into their daily routine.


Effective teamwork

The foundation of any good business, or any successful project, is a strong team who understand how to work well together. It can be tough trying to form an effective team that works well together with little to no friction. Many problems can arise whether it’s poor communication, no cohesiveness or even certain people in the team not getting along with each other. Here are some ways to Improve effective teamwork.

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Facing and solving problems

Many smaller businesses are faced with varying problems and obstacles which may feel incredibly overwhelming or stressful and near impossible to overcome. However, a lot of these issues can be easily resolved via means which may seem obvious once learnt; it's just that the obvious isn't always so obvious.

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