Putting it into practice

Throughout the six week course I have absorbed a lot of knowledge that I think is useful to have at my disposal. The outcome of this for me is that I feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. This makes me feel like I can give the best of my capabilities and push myself to my best potential. I would like to be able to use what I have learnt to give this same confidence to others.

The thing that stood out to me the most is I like to do the investigation of solving a problem such as finding the root cause using various techniques. One of these techniques is called root cause analysis that basically means that maybe moving forward isn't always the best option to solve the problem because sometimes you have to go back and then you might find something that could be changed in the initial process.

Personally, I like the sense of accomplishment when completing a challenging task. There are similarities in many of the problems we solve in life which is why it may be easier to solve the problem if you have been challenged with something similar before. There may be some pieces of information learnt that would become helpful when solving a different problem. You may also learn new skills that could be transferable to another problem. Having this experience allows me to know how to work efficiently under pressure and use the knowledge that I already have. A lot of the time we do not need a brand new solution we just need to improve and build on the solutions already being used.

I feel that my ability to empathise with others allows me to be personal. This is because I want to be taken seriously whilst respecting their views. I feel that I really enjoy having a team to work alongside because I can adapt and input useful knowledge from a different perspective. We can each use our individual ideas and knowledge to fill the gaps for each other and build a bigger picture. By gathering our information and ideas we are better able to come to a solution that works for everyone. I use the information given to really dig deep and get stuck in with the team.

I’d rather have everyone on the same page so there is as little miscommunication as possible. This allows the team to work as efficiently as possible. Not every problem will be as easy to solve as others but that's part of the challenge. Having a whole different perspective that you could bring to the table is useful to a sense that you could miss something or have a different idea/opinion that hasn’t been thought of yet. This also means that there are many times when others may have ideas that I may not have thought of. By bringing all of these things together we are able to quickly come to the best solution. 

Chris Gardner

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