Your business is probably not behaving quite how you expect it to.

The business model that you wrap around your products and services has far more impact on business performance than the products themselves. Ask yourself the questions below:, but challenge yourself. How sure are you?





Does Marketing bring in enough business?

Creative businesses often hate selling, but what if your talents are just what your customers need?

Do Operations properly support you?

Operations should be simple, but are your processes a help or hindrance and could you scale up?

Are you selling the right Product?

Does your product reflect your most creative and authentic talent AND really help your client?





Have you got the right Customers?

Surprisingly, fewer of the right customers can bring you much more income for far less effort

Do Partners do what you find hardest?

Working with others may seem risky or complex, but makes huge business sense

The right Business Model is critical for creative businesses

One of the biggest challenges for great designers, video producers, photographers and technical problem solvers is that your talent is intangible.  Customers have little inkling of the value you deliver before they buy, so you need to work hard to show them.  Unfortunately, many creative people hate selling and wish that customers would simply appreciate what they can do. 

If this sounds like you then I have good news:

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